Who can join

All Business Networking Clubs (known as BNI chapters) have a strict policy of allowing only one person per profession to join. This offers great advantage to members as no-one around the table is in business competition with anyone else.Effectively, this means that if a member of your network group hears of someone who needs your product or service – you will get a referral!Additionally, by joining you are locking out your competition from the opportunity of becoming a network member.We are currently seeking members to join our business networking club from the following industry or professions. The list is by no means exhaustive, so if you do not fall into any of these categories, please get in touch to see if your position is still available.



Art Dealer           Artist                  Car Hire

Car Sales, Leasing         Car Sales            Car Valeting

Caterer         Restaurant         Chiropodist

Delivery Courier Service                         Drinks Vending

Event Hospitality            Garden Design/Landscapers

Health & Wellness Services

Ironing/ Dry Cleaning         Jeweller          Locksmith                Lifestyle Management

Nursery           Office Furniture          Osteopath         Printer


Security Alarms             Travel Agent            Vehicle body Repairs


If you are from any of the above professions and would like the opportunity to visit one of our breakfast meetings to see if our style of business networking is right for you, please contact us

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