Members Testimonials

Here are just a small selection of Members Testimonials.

A full list is kept in the members testimonials folder and available to view at every BNI meeting.


From: Andrew Larkin Reku Coatings
To: Tom Doherty of THE HR Dept
Testimonial : Date: 15 February 2017
I wanted to write to thank you for your help in arranging all the employment contracts for Reku Coatings. We have a variety of staff from full-time directors to part-time labourers. When we were looking for contracts I did not know where to start other than seeking your advice and support.

Your expertise in this area coupled with your experience meant the entire process was very quick and straight forward. After an initial consultation and a few emails we had draft contracts ready to be approved and put into use.

I would not hesitate to recommend Tom Doherty of the HR Dept. to any of my clients or associates if they are seeking advice or support when dealing with employees.

Best regards,
Andrew Larkin
Reku Coatings

From: Andrew Larkin Reku Coatings
To: Stephen Corney of Dorset Publications
Testimonial : Date: 15 February 2017
Dear Stephen,

At Reku Coatings we wanted to target local residents with our flat roof coating solution.

We decided to go with a quarter page advert in your West Moors directory. Within two days of the advert being circulated we received a phone call from a local resident who turned into a customer and covered the cost of the advertising 10 times over!

I would not hesitate to recommend Dorset Publications to any of my clients or business associates who are looking to market themselves in the local area.

Best regards,
Andrew Larkin

From: Bob Bowater – Daughter’s car
To: Ian Pounds of Longham Motor Engineers
Testimonial : Dec 2016
Dear Ian,
I would like to thank you and all your staff for all you have done for my daughter on her Vauxhall Zafira. Your honest and direct approach has been very much appreciated as well as your “nothing is too much trouble” attitude. This is not only from yourself but all your staff. I would and do not have any qualms on recommending you and your garage to whoever I can.Thank you
Kind regards,
Bob Bowater
From: Bob Bowater
To: Ian Pounds of Longham Motor Engineers
Testimonial : Aug 2016
Dear Ian,
I can’t thank you enough for your help on Wednesday 20th when my daughter’s car broke down the day before we were due to go away.
Your initial help was brilliant recommending a firm to transport the car to your garage and then having everything fixed and ready to go by close of play on the same day.
This enabled us to go away on the Friday and saved me over £300 on hiring a car.
I always use your services and I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your team to anyone.
Many thanks once again.
Yours sincerely,
Bob Bowater
From: Martyn Hudson
To: Andy Johnson of Yes Mortgage Services
Testimonial : Jan 2016
We would like to highly recommend Andy Johnson of Yes Mortgage Services to anyone in need of a mortgage, re-mortgage or life insurance. Our experience with Andy was stress-free all the way through our applications. He was highly efficient, friendly and took away all the problems for us.
Andy firstly arranged our re-mortgage. We had a meeting with him and told him our requirements, he was very efficient offering us a fantastic product which has saved us a lot of money and will save us in the future. His advice was clear and concise and as we do not like reading ‘the small print’ he made the whole process easy for us. Our re-mortgage went through very quickly and we felt very happy with the outcome. Andy does not charge a fee as the mortgage company pay his fee which was very desirable. We even had a £250 cashback with the policy which paid for any extra legal expenses involved (we added my name to our mortgage) the rest of the re-mortgage had free legal fees.
We approached Andy to arrange some life insurance for us both and he advised us straight away of a very reasonably priced policy. After a quick meeting on the telephone, Andy arranged the life insurance straight away for us. We were dreading a long application form but Andy completed it for us and all we had to do was sign on the dotted line!
We will certainly always now deal with Andy for any products we need in the future and would like to recommend him to anyone as he can offer a full range of products and chooses the one that will suit you and not that’s best for his commission.
From: Jamie Govier
To: Ian Pounds/Longham Motors
Testimonial : Jan 2016
Dear Ian,You have now helped numerous friends and family with their vehicles and it is a pleasure to recommend you to everybody. Your service is second to none and you have helped several of them when they thought they had no alternative but a main dealer and the associated costs that brings with it.

Most recently, you helped a friend Gill with her Audi A3 when she had been quoted extortionate amounts to rectify two issues. Not only did you resolve the issues, you saved her over one thousand pounds in the process.

I thank you on their behalf and also for rectifying a number of smaller issues on my own vehicles.

I would not hesitate to recommend you in the future and it is a relief to know that there are businesses in this world that offer honest and reliable services at a competitive price.

Thank you again.


From: Carol Longman
To: Ian Pounds/Longham Motors
Testimonial : 1/05/2015
 way-ahead-media-trainingMy VW headlights had been fogging over for some years, some sort of canker in the plastic which made it quite dangerous to drive. I had refrained from having it done properly due to the potential cost, which I knew would be around £300 from a quote from my previous garage. However, things got so bad one night en route home from Gatwick that I decided I couldn’t wait and went to Ian to have them sorted out. The job was excellent, the price astoundingly cheap, and the future is now very bright rather than rather dim and dangerous.I also took my car in to Ian for its MOT and service in March and had put about £1000 aside since the advisories by the thieving, robbing, frankly dishonest (as I now realise) garage I have been using for the past five years had mentioned no end of worn out CV joints, oil leaks and perished something-or-others. To my utter amazement, the total cost was just over £200 which included a pass-first-time MOT at £45 and the rest on a great service which I was expecting anyway. I am delighted with the service, smile and savings to be had from Ian and his team at Longham Motors.Top job and thankyou Ian. Pounds by name but pennies by nature!
From: Carol Longman
To: Mark Wallace – MK1 Plumbing Services
Testimonial : 1/05/2015
 way-ahead-media-training‘Plumbers never turn up when they’re supposed to’…’always overcharging…’ never bother coming back to finish off the snag list….’ Moan, moan, moan.And so it goes on, or so it usually goes on with MOST plumbers.My moan with Mark Wallace from MK1 Plumbing is that he turns up to the minute when he says he will, does the job, does it on time, on budget and to standard, and will happily pop back if you ask him to do so.

This is somewhat unsettling but I’m not really complaining, just confused as this is not my usual past experience with trades!

Mark was due to come and install a very simple cloakroom suite for a very reasonable price, when I realised that my poor dad who can’t really do stairs with ease any more, was coming to lunch some weeks’ ago but that there was no longer a downstairs loo temporarily. I spoke to Mark and he very kindly came around and temporarily installed the toilet so that dad could use it, came back a few days later and did some more bits and bobs in between bigger jobs, and basically went out of his way to be accommodating when I know how busy he is.

On the back of this excellent and thoughtful service, I have now awarded him a complete install job on my new house.

So kindness, professionalism and consideration do maketh the man, and the proper jobs!

Thanks a million to Mark, I look forward to working with you in the future and am more than delighted and assured that I can refer you to others with absolute faith.

Carol Longman

From: Carol Longman
To: Livia/A-Plan Insurance
Testimonial : 1/05/2015
 way-ahead-media-trainingIt’s not all insurance company representatives who will put themselves out to assist with emergency situations but the team at A-Plan in Poole have gone above and beyond on three occasions in the past year.One occasion was a no-fault accident which I had, and Lauren in the Poole office was amazing in her diligence and attention to detail while dealing with my claim. She always called back when she said she would, chasing the other side’s insurers like a dog with a bone, not letting go until everything was arranged and being processed. On another no-fault claim for a friend of mine who was in Spain at the time he got knocked off of his bike, she dealt with this, Spanish police and the bike’s collection and repatriation with the same methodical attention to detail while keeping the client fully informed every step of the way.

Livia has also helped me recently with a little hiccup in my insurance which could have resulted in a police incident but was just as skilfully dealt with by her and her team so thanks a million to all at A-Plan.

Brilliant service, very competitive prices and highly efficient staff. Well done all.

Carol Longman

From: Jamie Govier
To: Mr I Pounds – Longham Motor Engineers Ltd
Testimonial : 22/04/2015
 apex logoDear Ian, Last week I spoke with you regarding my father-in-laws Vauxhall Corsa. Vauxhall at Branksome had carried out a diagnostic on the engine and only had bad news to report. They said the work required would take a minimum of eleven man hours and would cost a minimum of one thousand five hundred pounds.You seemed surprised when I told you this and so I put an immediate stop on any works to be carried out by Vauxhall. On Friday afternoon , we brought the car over to you and yourself and one of your mechanics immediately came to assist us.

Having then driven the car, you acknowledged that the Supermarket fuel that my in-laws have been using is not good for the engine and has caused a block. However, the block would not cost a minimum of £1500!

You put two tubes of fuel cleaner into the tank, advised my father-in-law to take the car for a good run and sent us on our way.

I cannot thak you enough for your professionalism and honesty. To think a main dealer tried to rip off my father-in-law for so much money and yet you cured the issue for the price of two bottles of fuel cleaner and could not have been more helpful.

I will not hesitate to recommend you and thank you again for saving my father-in-law a small fortune, that he simply doesn’t have.

Kind regards,


From: Jason Charlton
To: Peter Willy – Hoburne Dental Practice 
Testimonial : 25/03/2015
 logo marangLast year I visited the Hoburne Dental Practice in Christchurch and enjoyed a totally different type of dental experience.The welcome at reception was very warm and professional.  Their approach emphasises putting the patients at ease and establishing a relaxed relationship whilst applying the highest standards of treatment and care.The consultation with Peter Willy was exceptional in that he took the time to explain exactly what he was doing while cataloguing his observations.  The advanced X-Ray and Camera equipment enabled Peter to comprehensively illustrate areas of concern and proffer advice.  In contrast to other Dentists I have visited, he was willing and able to answer my almost exhaustive series of questions, without any sense that he done so countless times and needed to move on to the next patient.

As a smoker, I also represent a challenging case for Dental Hygienists – again I was very impressed with the treatment, advice and results.

The Practice Manager, Michael Pilling, applies rigorous standards while maintaining a friendly and informal attitude to his customer-facing duties.

I can unflinchingly recommend Hoburne Dental Practice to anybody seeking the best in Orthodontic and Dental care in the Christchurch area.

Jason Charlton

From: Jason Charlton
To: Rona – R & A Fabrications
Testimonial : 25/03/2015
 logo marangIn January 2015 I asked Rona of R & A Fabrications to replace the Granite worktops in my Mothers kitchen. Although Shepton Mallet is outside their normal geographical area Rona travelled to my parents home and took a lot of time and trouble to determine the exact requirements and explain the options available.  My Mother was very impressed with her professionalism and friendly style.Rona provided her quotation in good time and at a very reasonable cost.  R & A then sent their fitters to make the templates and help with the final choice of type of stone.

A date was agreed for installation.  I then received a call from Rona asking me to visit their premises in Ringwood to inspect the slab of Granite which was ready for cutting.  Her staff pointed out some minor machining marks in the stone and asked if I thought it was acceptable.  We decided to ask the supplier for a new slab, although I would not have noticed the imperfections myself without them being highlighted.  This was a good illustration of R & As attention to detail and commitment to a first class job.

Rona ordered the replacement stone, re-scheduled installation and even gave a further discount.

My Mother was highly complimentary about the Installers approach and results.  The stone is a beautiful piece of Pink Granite, perfectly machined and fitted.  She is quite captivated by the sparkling quartz-like patterns.

I would recommend R&A Fabrications without hesitation to anybody wanting to add a high quality appearance to their kitchen work surfaces

Jason Charlton

From: Helen A Winter
To: Jason Charlton of Marang IT Services
Testimonial : 25/03/2015
coral interiors logoDear Jason, I have pleasure in providing a testimonial.

“I had an old netbook which I’d lost the password for. I had no startup disk and it had been sitting in a drawer for a year. It’s old, but had been really useful for blogging and uploading photos while travelling and I missed it.
Not having much knowledge of Windows, I’d been thinking I’d need to rebuild it or
just get it securely recycled.
Jason saved the day and unlocked it for me, so I’ve re-gained a great little portable
device for blog posting on the go.
Thanks Jason, I would have no hesitation in recommending your services.”Yours Sincerely,
Helen A Winter

From: Helen A Winter
To:  Luke Piper of BKB Accountants
Testimonial : 25/03/2015
coral interiors logo Dear Luke
I have pleasure in providing a testimonial.
“Testimonial for Luke Piper
Luke of BKB Accountants was one of the first people I consulted before I’d officially joined BNI. He resolved an issue, which I’d been worrying about for some time, which previous accountants I’d spoken to had not been able to help me with.
His approachable professionalism makes him both a great ambassador for BNI
Christchurch, and sets him apart from others in his field.
I’m eternally grateful for his guidance with my accounts and business setup.
Thanks Luke – I heartily recommend BKB Accountants”.Yours Sincerely,
Helen A Winter
From: Luke Piper
To: Carol Longman – WayAhead Media
Testimonial : 25/03/2015
 bkb We have recently opened up a second office, and needed some press coverage in order to get this done. Having looked at the cost of an “advertorial,” we turned to Carol for some advice. Carol met with myself and my business partners, and within minutes had a story line and caption which meant that this was no longer an “advert,” but a story.Carol then wrote and sent this story to her extensive media contact list , who then used this in their various papers and magazines without charge to us. We have lost count of the number of people who have said they saw us in one or more different publications, which meant this was an extremely cost effective way or telling our story – as opposed to advertising our expansion.Thank you Carol, as what was achieved far surpassed our initial expectations.
From: Andy Johnson 
Testimonial : 24/03/2015
yes mortgage servicesAs a mortgage consultant, I deal with a lot of different Solicitors and their expertise and my experiences range from poor to excellent; Rawlins Davy are of the excellent variety!  The team always responds to my calls/emails in a timely manner and they ensure the purchase/sale of the clients property goes through without delay.We would have no hesitation in recommending Rawlins Davy for any of your legal work.Regards

Andy Johnson

From: Tom Doherty
To: Martyn Hudson – Rawlins Davy 
Testimonial : 23/03/2015
 hr deptlogoHaving recently started a family and moved to the area, Lauren and I were aware that we need to get our affairs in order. Prior to getting married and a number of years ago I had had a will written but discovered that this was in fact null and void given I was now married. Also didn’t help I had left my estate to my Mum not my wife!Lauren, Florence and I went into to see Sue Hickman at Rawlins Davy to get a will drawn up. Sue was excellent and advised us that we should have two separate wills not a joint one. Sue gave us practical advice on areas that we hadn’t even thought about or even knew we would have to deal with should something terrible happen to one or both of us – hence the separate wills.We now know that should something happen to one of us our affairs are in order and the priorities of the family and our wishes are sorted.

The process was straightforward and handled professionally; I would recommend Rawlins Davy for their will writing service.

Tom Doherty

From: Luke Piper
To: Paul Sumner of photostudio5
Testimonial : 11th December 2014
bkbThank you for the time you took to come to my offices and carry out the photoshoot we needed doing due to the expansion of our team.Being predominately an office full of females, there was a lot of concern and hesitation prior to the shoot. However, your professionalism and light humour made everyone feel at ease, and brought the best out of everyone with the results produced. You have also gone above and beyond in the editing and delivery of the photos, for which we are very grateful indeed.We would have no hesitation in recommending you to any of our clients.Thank you Paul,
From: Tom and Lauren Doherty
To: Leon Warner
Testimonial : December 2014
hr deptlogoDear Leon, I would like to thank you for opening our eyes to how much more fun shopping at Castlepoint can now be…We have recently signed up to Utility Warehouse to save money our bill and broadband having moved into a new house.Leon came round to our house at a time convenient to us and explained to myself and my wife that we could make savings on our gas and electricity bills and Leon also persuaded us to switch our broadband. This was a concern of mine as I have an office at home and didn’t want my work to be disrupted. Change just happened and we kept informed throughout. Everyone that we have dealt with on the phone at the UW HQ has been friendly and helpful, not something you can often say about utility providers in general.With a 3 month old baby we are constantly at Boots and now do all our food shopping at Sainsbury, I seem to spend a lot of my life at Castlepoint so to now know each time we shop and use our cashback card we get money off our utilities bills is a great incentive and particularly pleasing.Leon has been on hand to help out where ever needed and I am really grateful to him for this. Customer service is at the heart of what he does.

I would recommend saving money on your bills with Utility Warehouse.

Yours sincerely,

Tom and Lauren Doherty

From: Peter Willy of Hoburne Dental Practice
To: Jason at Marang
Testimonial : 26 August 2014
 Hoburne Dental Practice LogoJason at Marang helped us overcome a difficult situation with our usual IT/software support company which is based in Newcastle. He was able to promptly supply a bespoke PC that met our current requirements with the benefit of being upgradeable should we need it.
The installation was carried out in our practice and installed the system, whilst liaising with our IT support team to ensure that it was working correctly before he left our premises.
The combination of a cost-effective practical solution was an asset to our business. We look forward to using use Marang again for our IT requirements.Peter Willy
From: Peter Willy of Hoburne Dental Practice
To: Carol Longman of Way Ahead Media 
Testimonial : 26 August 2014
Hoburne Dental Practice LogoWe first started using Carol at Way Ahead Media early in 2014. Carol is now instrumental in advising me on ways to promote Hoburne Dental Practice. She has been based locally for many years and knows what works and who to approach.
Through Way Ahead Media we have conducted an advertising campaign in local publications, sometimes with free editorials to increase exposure. Carol has also helped us with in-house filming to give our website video content for the first time. This is an exciting development and we are currently working together to increase our web video content.
Carol has a keen eye for any developments within my business which can be used as a press release and therefore give the business free exposure in the local media. In the summer Carol approached the BBC on our behalf regarding a new pioneering dental anxiety service and we were broadcast on BBC Radio Solent and BBC South Today as a result.
Over the course of 2014 Way Ahead Media has really helped my practice work towards a doubling of new business month on month compared to 2013.Peter Willy
From: Stephen Corney of Dorset Publications
To: Jamie Govier of Apex Building
Testimonial : 24 July 2014
dp logoDear Jamie, I am writing to thank you for the work done recently on my house. I confess that we had been looking previously to have this done by a “friend” to help cut costs, but as a warning to others I would say that this could have been a costly mistake.After initially contacting you, Anne and Mark came round within just a few days to assess the situation. After I explained what was occurring and what we thought needed doing, Mark soon spotted the actual root cause of the issue. This is most definitely not something that either we or our friend had considered and thus would not have been done otherwise.When Mark came round to do the work, he arrived punctually and was able to complete the necessary tasks efficiently and effectively. We are very grateful for his knowledge and experience that meant a full professional resolution could be found, not just a “cheap fix” that would not actually have made much difference.I will definitely be recommending friends, family and any others I meet to use Apex Building Ltd for any size of building work needed. Best Wishes, Stephen Corney – Dorset Publications
From: Mike Kleszcz
To: Paul Sumner of Barrett and Coe
Testimonial :
Dear Paul, Anne and I just wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ for the work you put in to planning our wedding photography. Knowing you were liaising with the hotel and on site management team to have a ‘mini studio’ environment set-up to take pictures of all of our guests, working through the timing logistics of arrival, photo’s and Wedding breakfast photo’s. All of which were handled at the top end of professionalism. The whole event was so efficiently organised for us and the wedding photo’s are just fantastic. We much appreciate all that you have done for us.We wish you well with your business endeavours in the future – your attention to detail deserves to be rewarded! Regards, Mike and Annie Kleszcz – July 2014
From: Stephen Corney
To: Nic Langlois of Up & About
Testimonial :
dp logoDear Nic, I am writing to thank you for the assessment and treatment that you have provided for me recently.The original assessment showed up a number of areas that were weaker than they should have been. Through the education on posture and then the treatment to “reset” the muscles, I have noticed a marked improvement.I spend a large amount of time at a computer and then on a monthly basis have to manually handle approximately nine tons of magazines. Previously I have “complained” of twinges in my back and a pain in my right elbow when lifting. As a result of the education and treatment, these are a thing of the past and I no longer experience the pain.I am very grateful for your swift approach to get a full resolution of the issues at the root of the problems rather than a drawn out, repetitive treatment of the apparent symptoms. I would strongly recommend anyone with old injuries or long standing physical problems to come and see you. Best Wishes,Stephen Corney
From: Carol Longman
To: Miya Prashad
Testimonial :
‘I thought that my estate was quite a small yet complicated issue but Miya seamlessly pulled everything together, highlighted things that I had overlooked and simplified it with ease. She is professional, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to do business with which is exactly what you need in a lawyer. I will most certainly be using her services again.’
From: Carol Longman
To: Newstone Cleaners
newstonecleanerssouthernltd logo‘Newstone Cleaners came and gave me a really competitive quote for my carpets which I was delighted with. They were professional, friendly and gave my carpets a new lease of life which I never knew existed! They also cleaned my rugs which had all manner of stains from red wine to food grease which also came back looking like new. I will certainly be using them again and cannot recommend them highly enough. A top job from a top cleaning team.’
From: Sue and Mick Collins
To: Gino Cirelli Website Internet Marketing Ltd
logoGino put a website together for our villas in Spain, he took the time to understand what we needed and we were more than pleased with the website when finished. We would recommend him to anyone that needs website work done. The work was done quickly and professionally.
From: Sue Benoke
To: Carol Longman Way Ahead Media
way-ahead-media-trainingCarol is delightful.  From the moment you first meet her she puts you at ease.  She is easy to talk to and has an uncanny knack of going straight to the heart of the matter.  She ‘gets’ people and because of that is able to make sure you are portrayed in exactly the right light – just what you need in a PR person.  I am looking forward to a long and happy working relationship with Carol.
From: Williams Lester Architects
To: Marang Limited
Testimonial :
Williams Lester Architects have been practising in Ringwood for 25 years, having completed projects throughout the South of England.We are intensive users of high performance Windows-based Computer Systems and Modelling software.In keeping with the expansion of our business, we decided to overhaul and update our Information Technology infrastructure in 2013. We have migrated all the users from Windows XP to Windows 7 Professional, replaced our Windows 2003 Domain Server with Windows 2011 Server and implanted Hosted Exchange e-mail. This substantial investment will serve the business well into our fourth decade.Marang IT Services specified, supplied and installed all the necessary equipment. Their consultant, Jason Charlton, worked tirelessly to integrate the new Computers and Software – indeed, at a particularly critical stage of the Domain transfer he worked in our offices until 2am and returned at 7 that morning. This represents a very rare level of commitment to customer satisfaction.We particularly value the willing, common sense approach that they bring to these complex technical matters – cutting through the jargon and listening intently in order to understand our objectives.Williams Lester are very happy to use Marang IT Services as our Computer Systems provider as our firm goes from strength to strength. We can recommend Jason Charlton as your Consultant to assist with your IT present requirements and for the planning of your future business systems.
From: Luke Piper FCCA CTA, Director, BKB Accountants Ltd
To: Newstone Cleaners (Southern) Ltd
bkbThank you for the exceptional work that you have done in my house cleaning our carpets and oven.For some reason we decided on having cream carpets in the house with also two young children. It didn’t take long before the carpets became a darker shade of cream, along with some patches of red wine for good measure. Now Newstone have been in, the carpets look as good as the day we had them fitted, and has made the house feel like it has had a breath of fresh air.Something Fingstone has mentioned is the new oven cleaning service Newstone now provide. My daughter recently came home from school and asked to check our oven…..strange I know…..but that day the fire service had visited her school, and had told the children to ask their parents how regularly their oven is cleaned….as it is actually one of the most major fire risks in the home. My oven has never properly been cleaned, something I think Newstone quickly realised, but after they had finished it was cleaned beyond recognition. It is no exaggeration that it is immaculate, and looks like a brand new oven. Thank you Newstone
From: Gino Cirelli Website Internet Marketing ltd
To: Paul Sumner Barrett and Coe
Testimonial: Date 3rd October 2013
Dear Paul,
You recently took some photos of my three boys and me for a family portrait. I am really pleased with the way that the photos have turned out, they look stunning and have really captured the best of the three boys.I was concerned on the way to the studio because the two younger boys were complaining to me about having to have their photos taken; they were not looking forward to the experience.I did not need to have concerns as you made them feel relaxed and at ease as soon as they arrived at the studio. They came away from the studio having really enjoyed the shoot.The photos will be a Christmas gift for my parents and I know that they will really appreciate the way that they have turned out. They always say that they don’t get to see the boys often enough and this will be a great way for my parents to keep the boys in their forefront of their minds.I would heartily recommend both your relaxed style and professional photographs to anyone wanting a family portrait. Thank you again.
From: E Pitcher   Youhome Estate Agents

For: Martyn Hudson

Martyn and his team have been fantastic. As a local agent it is of huge importance that we use and recommend the best local solicitors. Martyn has on numerous occasions held sales together for us and never failed to deliver.

From: Rob Hughes  Daisy Chain Flowers
For: Robert Field AIMS Accountants
aimsHaving used Roberts services for the last three years. I would like to say how pleased I am with his work. Getting our accounts sorted out is now a simple and painless task and Robert is always available for advice and guidance.

I have no hesitation in recommending Robert as an accountant to anyone who runs their own business.

From: Robert McCarthy Dorset Digital Print
For: Olly Whittle SWARM Marketing

SWARM organised some SEO work for DDP and we have seen an increase in business since. We often receive comments from clients regarding our website web presence and SWARM have worked hard to do this for us.

From: Olly Whittle  SWARM Marketing
For: Robert McCarthy Dorset Digital Print
We have used DDP on numerous occasion for print work covering business cards and even artwork that was awarded 1st prize at an exhibition.

Friendly, punctual and of an exceptional standard – DDP come highly recommended.


From: Martyn Hudson
For: Robert Field AIMS Accountants
I introduced Ian to Robert to become his accountant for a new business. venture. I received a glowing email from Ian thanking me for putting him in touch with Robert and that he is enjoying working with him already.
From: Cliff Thrumble  Green Energy Centre
For: Rob McCarthy Dorset Digital Print
His quality of print was excellent and always on time.Excellent all round!Definitely recommend.
From: Robert McCarthy  Dorset Digital Print
For: Robert Hughes Daisy Chain Flowers
Daisy Chain Flowers have supplied perfect bouquets on numerous occasions. The flowers are always at a high standard and last a long time. I highly recommend daisy chain flowers.
 John Palmer A Plan Insurance – 12th May 2009This letter is testimony to the good services provided by John Palmer of A Plan to clients of this firm. I referred the directors of a block of flats that I act for to John for a competitive quote for their buildings policy on its next renewal. He has managed to save them over £1000 from the last premium that they paid and they are delighted. I thank him for serving my clients and our BNI chapter so well.Martyn Hudson
 Rob Hughes Daisy Chain Flowers
November 2009 – I have used the services of Daisy Chain flowers on a couple of occasions now and would have no hesitation in recommending them to Family, friends and colleagues. Rob and Sam offer a friendly yet professional approach with what seems like a desire only to please their customers. The flowers on both occasions were absolutely stunning and far exceeded my expectations and what’s more the cut flowers we purchased lasted for what seemed an eternity.Thank you to Rob and Sam and I look forward to both using and recommending you in the future.Matt SteeleConger Electrical
Ken Bullock Plumbing & Heating
21 October 2008 – Just a quick note to let you know that our toilet is behaving itself and we have had no trouble with it since you replaced the valve.As we told you we had nothing but trouble with it almost since the day it was first installed. It appeared to be working as advertised but it gradually started to overfill following each flushing. As the ‘overflow’ system was via the toilet bowl and not via an overflow pipe to the outside, it was immediately visible to anyone using the toilet. This was somewhat embarrassing to us particularly when we had guests in the house.When we contacted the supplier/installer (B&Q), they sent out their ‘in-house’ (probably contracted) plumber to investigate. He dismantled the valve assembly and declared that the fault was ‘probably’ caused by debris from the mains water supply preventing the valve from fully closing and thus allowing a trickle to continue to enter the cistern. This eventually resulted in the water level rising until it reached the overflow point and, as it was being constantly topped up, this resulted in the cistern continuously overflowing into the toilet bowl.He cleaned out the ‘debris’, re-assembled the valve and after flushing the system a couple of times declared it serviceable. As his ‘repair’ had appeared to have fixed the problem we were naturally delighted. He left us the replacement valve assembly he has brought ‘just in case’. In retrospect this should have rung alarm bells in my head but we were so relieved to have a ‘working’ loo that I let it pass. After a relatively short time the cistern resumed overflowing and, despite my attempts to adjust the flow, would not stop.It was at this stage that we mentioned our problem to our friend Frazer Y orke who immediately recommended you as a ‘plumber extraordinaire’ whom he was certain would sort out the system once and for all.Frazer was right! You not only diagnosed the cause as a design fault (the use of a high pressure valve in a low-pressure system) but sourced and fitted a compatible replacement valve and cured the problem.We cannot thank you enough for the excellent results you have produced in restoring our ‘loo’ to its current serviceable condition and we would highly recommend your services to anyone. Mr & Mrs C – Bournemouth
 Sue Pain
Ideal Mortgage & Finance
16th April 2008
Dear Sue,I have had the pleasure of working with you with two clients in recent weeks. I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on your outstanding hard work and perseverance with both clients, both of whom had very different requirements. Nevertheless, the tenacity that you showed and professionalism in dealing with both the clients and their specific issues was very impressive indeed.Neither client issues were “straightforward” and neither guaranteed an outcome for yourself. However, your incredible hard work with both clients was, I know much appreciated.I have worked with many professional advisers in my time and you have shown with your levels of enthusiasm, skill and market knowledge why you run such a successful business.Robert FieldAims Accountants For Business
John Palmer A Plan Insurance
Nov 09
Having met John at Christchurch BNI I quickly gathered that A-Plan were an insurance company that were a world apart from the comparison web sites and other large companies found on the Internet. Having taken insurance out on the internet previously we only discovered that when involved in an accident we had an excess far above that which we “assumed” was the case and also had no legal cover. Having allowed this policy to run its course it was inevitable that we would ask John to handle our renewal. John made a small saving on our renewal price but also reduced the excess to a sensible figure and the policy included legal assistance.I would have no hesitation in recommending John and A-Plan to any of my Friends, Family and Colleagues for their insurance requirements. Matt SteeleConger Electrical
Sue Franklin Bournemouth Employment Ladder
At the beginning of March we asked Sue to locate an experienced Multi Drop van driver for our stationery supplies division.The job entails specialised knowledge of our products and a very good local knowledge of our wide delivery area.We were also looking for a self motivated person who had a likeable personality and would be able to work on their own initiative, after initial training.Sue took information and details of salary etc, and although she said that it was slightly from of her normal field proceeded to advertise our vacant position.Due to the current unemployment situation she said she was inundated with hopeful candidates but within a few days she had a short list of three possible candidates. I was impressed by the way that Sue had clearly understood our requirements and undertook her task in a very quick and processional manner, she took all of the hassle and the normal wasted telephone conversations away from myself and my staff and then gave us a clear list of people who could ably fulfil the role we were looking for.I can firmly recommend Sue and Bournemouth Employment Ladder to any individual or company who is looking to recruit quality staff, she makes the whole exercise totally stress free. Well done Sue! Martin Hickman – Marquee Print
16 April 2008
Sue Pain – Ideal Mortgage Finance Ltd
Dear Sue,I have had the pleasure of working with you with two clients in recent weeks.I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on your outstanding hard work and perseverance with both clients, both of whom had very different requirements. Nevertheless, the tenacity that you showed and  professionalism in dealing with both the clients and their specific issues was very impressive indeed.Neither client issues were “straightforward” and neither guaranteed an outcome for yourself.However, your incredible hard work with both clients was, I know much appreciated.I have worked with many professional advisers in my time and you have shown with your levels of enthusiasm, skill and market knowledge why you run such a successful business.I have no hesitation in recommending your services to my regards, Robert Field – AIMS Accountants for Business
April 2008
Frazer Yorke – Greenacre 2000
Dear Frazer, I would like to commend you on the level of service you provided whilst laying the new turf in our garden.Free advice and information was offered at all times throughout the planning stage and regular site visits leading up to the day of application led to a very successful final result.Following the completion of the new lawn we were provided with a full colour information brochure that offered advice on all aspects of caring for and maintaining our new lawn, as well as continued verbal advice from Frazer himself.The lawn has been transformed and I would not hesitate in recommending Frazer to any of our clients due to the high level of knowledge Frazer is able to offer and the care he takes in his work. This high level of service was also provided at a competitive price. Thank you Frazer. Des Simmons – Managing Director – Bournecoast Property Agents
 Mr. & Mrs. R. G. M. Bowater
29th January 2008
To whom it may concern,I wish to write to thank  Mr. Martyn Hudson. Recently I have had to use his services for different reasons and he is always extremely polite, friendly and professional. Mr. Martyn Hudson, upon receipt of a referral, passes it immediately to whichever department it relates to and within three hours I have not only received a phone call, but an appointment has also been made, usually for the next day. I would have no hesitation in recommending Martyn to anyone.
Yours sincerely, ROBERT G. M. BOWATER
30 January 2008
Mr R Hughes Daisy Chain Florists 930 Wimborne Road Moordown BOURNEMOUTH BH9 2DH
Dear Rob, This is a testimonial to you on behalf of me and Miss S******D. Miss S*******d rang you to order a floral tribute for her companion, Miss H*******s, funeral tomorrow, Thursday 31 January. Not only were you able to provide this, but your wife called to see Miss S******d at her home in order to discuss the tribute.She was ‘over the moon’ and rang me to thank me for recommending such a brilliant, courteous and professional florist. Yours sincerely, ROBERT G M BOWATER
 John Palmer
A Plan Insurance
30th September 2009
When, following one minor claim, our van insurance cost increased five-fold, we decided to ask A-Plan to see if they could come up with a better quote. We were delighted to be offered the same cover for less than half the price. They were also able to save us a small amount on our shop insurance as well.We were very pleased with the way A-Plan made sure they found us the best deal possible in a quick and efficient manner, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any of our customers and friends.We look forward to doing business with A-Plan for many years to come. Rob Hughes – Daisy Chain Flowers
Sue Pain
Ideal Mortgage & Finance
10th August 2007
Dear Sue – Re: Mr H****n, Thank you for your letter of 8th august and for your very kind words.In exactly the same vain could I just say how refreshing it is to receive the kind of assistance that you and your colleague gave to me without wish I think there is little doubt that a speedy conclusion would not have been possible. Mark Taylor – Trail & Co
December 2007
Martyn Hudson
Dear Martyn, I would like to send my thanks and appreciation to Martyn. I needed some advice from Martyn regarding a contract.  He was very prompt in arranging a meeting and he has a very discreet and professional manner.  I was impressed with his extensive knowledge and guidance.I would not hesitate in recommending Martyn and also to speak to him again regarding personal matters. Katharine Cane-Lewis – Travel Counsellors
Frazer Yorke
Utility Warehouse
Nov 09
It was difficult when my Daughter recently left home to move in with a friend and gain her independence. Wanting to allow her to make her own decisions yet wanting to steer her in the correct direction was a difficult task. When she signed up to an electricity company it appeared that they had made a hard sell on her and gave her information that was incorrect so I introduced her to Frazer Yorke of The Utility Warehouse. Having known Frazer for a while I was confident that he would treat my Daughter fairly and his advice would be the best available. Frazer met with Becky at the time arranged, spoke to her about her options and was able to guide her through the process of aborting the sign up process she had already started, and even better Becky is able to make savings on her electricity bill also.I would be only too pleased to actively seek referrals for Frazer and I thank him for the service he offered to Becky.
Matt Steele – Conger Electrical
Dear Sue, I would just like to thank you for all the work you put into finding a new mortgage for us. You made it effortless and kept us informed throughout. I was particularly impressed with your ability to get things done virtually instantly, rather than the four to five days plus it may normally take.Nothing was loo much effort, even offering to ‘belly dance’ to get things done in time!Thank you for your expertise and determination.Yours sincerely – Dr Nick Blackwood – Stour Chiropractic Clinic
Ken Bullock
Plumbing and Heating Christchurch
14th May 2009
I would like to thank you very much for repairing my central heating in March. I had talked to you and listened to your 1 minute when I have been a substitute for a member of your chapter. I have listened to you advising us not to leave our boiler service and repairs until the winter. Well I was guilty of that and kept hoping the tune the boiler made each day and it deciding to switch off the heat and water only when the boiler wanted to would continue past the cold spell. It didn’t last! I came home one evening it was very cold! Only silence from the boiler. I called you the following morning, you collected my home keys from the shop, took directions to my home and where the boiler was located, and repaired my boiler. There was no mess, the boiler is now working beautifully and not a murmur it is silent!Ken, I will not hesitate to recommend your heating or plumbing services to anyone your workmanship is of a high standard at a realistic price.I wish you the best of luck in your business and once again thank you for your high standard and quality of service
Richard Flynn – The Ironing Butler
December 2007
Jonathan Mosely – Espere
Dear Jonathan, I   would like to send my thanks and appreciation to Jonathan of Espere. Jonathan came to see us to discuss marketing ideas for our business.  Jonathan has extensive and in depth knowledge of the marketing industry and what he doesn’t know is probably not worth knowing!We spent quite a considerable time discussing ideas and various ways of advertising our business.  Jonathan opened our eyes to how we should think about marketing our business and the way forward for us.I would not hesitate in recommending Jonathan to anyone looking to market their business or service successfully. Katharine Cane – LewisTravel Counsellors
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